Congratulations on your decision to purchase a Brew Bomb Artisan Brewer. The Brewer is designed to provide a simple way to consistently craft commercial quantities of Specialty Cold Brew Coffee. The engineered design and meticulous construction, utilizing food grade standards and materials, will survive heavy duty commercial use for many years.

While the Brew Bomb simplifies the brewing process the precision drip technology delivers wide ranging versatility and control over the brewing variables thus allowing for uniquely crafted brews. We are excited to offer this technology to the passionate people who work so hard to craft excellence into their coffee and look forward to sharing the journey.

My work with the Brew Bomb has taken me on a 3-continent brew tour to work with industry leaders and early adaptors who are by nature, fearless innovators. Brewing with these innovators has been richly rewarding in creating personal relationships as well as pushing the brewing envelope forward. The Brew Bomb is merely the tool by which people can create and innovate.


At this point, the many forms of Cold Brew represent the wild west of coffee. Wikipedia defines Cold by describing brewing techniques including both Immersion Brewing and the Kyoto Style Drip Brewing. The common denominator is “water within a temperature range of cold to room temperatures.” It is this common denominator of water, that isn’t hot, that best points to what Cold Brew is. Rather than defining Cold Brew as a brewing technique I believe it best to define Cold Brew by embracing the cup profile created by Cold Water extraction. I would therefore define Cold Brew as “a coffee product that delivers a cup profile unique to cold water extraction.”

This idea is critical to making tasty cold brew. If the Brew Master chases what a coffee bean delivers hot, then the result in the cup for cold brew will be less than satisfactory. Making great Cold Brew requires the same string of decisions including origin, processing, roasting, extraction and serving. The key is to make choices that optimize Cold Water extraction.


Years ago when I was learning to roast I kept asking for a manual. A big fat book that would unlock the secrets to a diligent student. As I now understand, a book like this does not exist because coffee has too many variables yet alone taste preferences. Cold Water extraction has the same complexities so broad guidelines are better than hard rules.

Here are a few guidelines.

1. Cold water extracts desirable and undesirable compounds. Focus on extracting the desirable compounds that come early in the brew cycle. Stop brewing when the output taste becomes a negative to the cup profile. This crossover point is totally dependent on the origin, roast and grind size.

2. Be wary of chasing acidity in Cold Brew. Cold water will not extract the aromatic compounds that create great acidity in hot coffee. If a origin and roasting profile result in a “acidity forward coffee” then this will extract as astringency in cold brew.

3. Never agitate- agitation releases a plethora of bitter chalky compounds.

4. With drip brewing the flow rate determines how aggressive the extraction process is. Balance the roast, grind and flow rate to optimize your brew profile.

5. Change one variable at a time- yea.. common sense but shortcuts are so inviting.

Two different brewing guides are available.

The first is a step by step manual for helping a person navigate the physical steps of brewing.. Great for a staff person to follow. This is complements of Klatch Coffee who was one of the first to adapt the Brew Bomb. Download here.. Step by Step Brewing Guide.

The second is the Advanced Brewing Guide. This discusses the theory and decisions to make when you set up your brews. Download here Getting Started.


Our goal is to help you succeed with the Brew Bomb. Please feel free to contact me anytime to discuss brewing or any other aspect, plant to cup of making great Cold Brew Coffee.

Happy Brewing

Ray Buerger
Founder, Designer