Brew Bomb

Cutting Edge Solution for Cold Brew Coffee

The new ACE Brewer from Brew Bomb is a Cutting-Edge Solution for Cold Brewing at the retail level.   Utilizing Active Cold Extraction with Pulse Brewing, the Ace Brewer crafts 5 gallons of tantalizingly delicious Cold Brew Coffee in 2 hours or less.

Extraordinary Cup Quality, More Yield, Less Time

The Active Cold Extraction with Pulse Brewing Technology utilized by the ACE Brewer brings fundamental advantages to the brewing process by creating controlled motion at the contact point between the grinds and the water. While gravity creates the movement for Active Cold Extraction, the Ace Brewer provides the control with precise systems and recallable brew profiles.

Web Connected for Brewing Control Across Multiple Locations

Delivering standardized specialty brewing across multiple locations has always been troublesome, until now.  Each ACE Brewer interfaces with a centralized control team for brew profile distribution and use reporting.   With standardized brew profiles, a precision brewing system and an easy to follow Brew Wizard, delivering specialty crafted cold brew, that is consistently produced across multiple locations, is now within reach.


Specialty Cold Brew
Consistently Crafted
Batch to Branch


5 Gallons
2 Hour
Brew Cycles

Active Cold Extraction (ACE)

Unlike immersion brewing, the ACE method delivers water to the grinds at intervals, in pulsed doses, to create controlled motion where the grinds meet the water.


Recallable Brew Profiles

Send your brew profiles to each of your branches and the ACE brewer will craft the same cup experience at every location. (This feature will be available in August 2019)


Complete Brew Cycles in 2 Hours

Brew a five-gallon batch of Cold Brew Coffee on your countertop in two hours or less, from start to finish.


Easy Brewing Touch Screen

The brewing variables are easy to set and monitor with the digital user interface. Anyone can follow a brew profile and rely on consistent results in the cup.

Product Support

The Brew Bomb has been designed and manufactured to deliver trouble-free performance. However, should you require assistance with any issue, please do not hesitate to contact us.