Artisan Cold BrewerS
For Coffee Professionals

Craft commercial quantities of Cold Brew Coffee to Specialty Cup Standards.


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X-Series Brewers

Delivers commercial quantities of Cold Brew
Coffee brewed to precise standards.

ACE Shop Brewer

The perfect solution for shop-level
cold coffee brewing!


A straightforward coffee destoner that is
designed for boutique roasters.

Taste Experience You Can Imagine

The Brew Bomb’s precise brewing controls give the Brew Master the ability to craft and replicate a signature cold brew coffee experience.

Batch Capacity

Craft multiple brews for greater daily volume.




2 to 6
Hour Brew Cycles

Easy Clean & Grind Disposal

Fresh Grinds are input at the top and spent grinds dropped from the bottom. This design simplifies the clean-up cycle which can be easily finished in 15 minutes.


No Filtering Required

The brew system creates crystal clear brew by utilizing the coffee bed as the particulate capture mechanism.


Complete Brew Cycles in 2 - 6 Hrs.

The Brew Bomb is fundamentally more efficient than immersion brewing due to the gentle extraction action of slow flowing water which results in both reduced brew times and higher yields.


Easy Brewing Touchscreen

The brewing variables are easy to set and monitor with the digital user interface. Anyone can follow a brew profile and rely on consistent results in the cup.

Working with
Brew Bomb

Brew Bomb’s client suite ranges from boutique specialty brewers to multi-unit large-scale canning operators.

See the Brew Bomb and be inspired by some of our customers’ experiences.

As Used By

The results have actually been really good. We stopped doing our other method and using this 100%

Mike Perry
Owner | Klatch Coffee

Essentially using less coffee, less time, and getting a stronger better extraction.

Callum Benda
Owner | Arrosto Coffee

Firstly, I must say as a builder by trade I am very impressed with the build quality, welds ect on the Brew Bomb, I have had other products that when you receive are a disappointment or just ok but WOW, this is smoooooooth baby! Well done!

Adrian White
Fernwood Coffee Company

An Experience
from working farm to cup

Meet Ray Buerger, inventor and founder of the Brew Bomb. Ray’s coffee experience runs deep. He owns and operates a SE Asia coffee company that crafts coffee plant to cup. Everything, from the fresh cherry to precision roasting to Cold Brew, Ray has hands on experience.

Ray Buerger, the founder of Brew Bomb