What makes the Brew Bomb unique?

  • The Brew Bomb is an artisan brewing tool by which a user can manipulate the flavor outcome of cold brew coffee by providing precise control over the brewing variables.
  • The system uses active cold extraction compared to immersion brewing which uses passive extraction.
  • By utilizing the coffee bed as the filter media, the Brew Bomb system can facilitate very fine grind brewing as well as coarse grind brewing. This grind flexibility adds tremendous potential to the cup profile outcome.
  • The bottom drop design for expelling grinds brings an easy solution to spent grind management.

What can the Brew Bomb be used for?

The Brew Bomb can brew concentrates for dispensing or for making a ready to drink cold brew coffee as well as highly concentrated brews for cocktails and cooking.

What is Active Cold Extraction?

Active Cold Extraction is the action of movement between coffee grinds and water. This movement is created by gravity and precisely controlled through the Brew Bomb water management system. By controlling water movement, the extraction process is also controlled. By using Active Cold Extraction, both flavor potential and yields are optimized.

How does Active Cold Extraction compare to hot brewing?

The brewer extracts very much like an espresso machine. At the beginning of the brew, the output is highly concentrated and then tails off. The rate of decline is dependent upon the grind size. Most of the time, brewing to a concentrate delivers better results as over extraction can occur if the brew goes past the magic point. This process is very similar to calibrating a grinder and concentrating at the espresso machine.

What type of water should be used with the Brew Bomb?

  • Cold Brew is 96-99% water therefore a clean taste without chlorine and a smooth mouth feel greatly contributes to cup quality.
  • Water can be simple or complicated depending on the chemistry of your domestic source and your desire to push the process into the technical realm. Water supply can be as simple as using your domestic water or adding some filtration/conditioning similar to setting up an espresso machine. For very detailed precision, you may also use an RO water filter and then build the chemistry back to your specifications.

What is pre-infusing? Why is it necessary?

Pre-infusing is mixing your grinds with water prior to adding them to the brew cylinder. The pre-infusing process is an integral component to the brew profile as brewing with super fine grinds requires 11 oz per gallon while brewing with a filter grind requires almost 20 oz per lbs. This pre-infusing process adds a control opportunity for manipulating the cup profile. Adding more or less water and varying the temperature directly impact the brew taste.

How is the pre-infusing process done?

One step prior to placing your grinds in the brew cylinder is pre-infusing the grinds with water. There are a variety of methods ranging from hand-mixing to mechanized options.

What is the concentration of cold brew made from the Brew Bomb?

Using Active Cold Extraction, the Brew Bomb can brew highly concentrated products. The brewing process starts with brew at a 15-22 TDS concentration. As the brew proceeds, the concentration falls as the coffee grinds become more and more extracted. Having the ability to brew to higher concentrations opens the door to a variety of new products including culinary concentrates, mixology concentrates and even concentrates targeted to the home users.

How do you get the concentrate/cold brew out of the catching bin?

  • We offer a tri-clamp valve and pumping solution that makes pumping out
    of the bin and into your kegs a breeze. No mess, no fuss. No extra steps.
  • View it here

When is the cold brew concentrate usually diluted into cold brew to serve?

The typical process is to brew to concentrate and then dilute to your ready to drink TDS, all in the Brew Bomb catch cart.

How is a specific taste profile achieved?

The Brew Bomb utilizes active cold extraction, with precision controls to craft cold brewed coffee. The variables that directly impact the brew taste are.

  • Origin
  • Roast Level
  • Water quality
  • Grind size
  • Flow rate
  • Contact or brew time

Working with so many variables can be confusing at first which is why we provide several formulas that are sure to please. The formulas specify the following:

  • The amount of water to pre-infuse with the grinds prior to brewing
  • The grind size
  • The contact or brew time
  • A target concentration level

What is the filtering process of the Brew Bomb?

The grind bed is the filter media, much like a sand pool filter. The result is a golden clarity without haziness or particulates. This feature always delights our customers as the cold brew made from the Brew Bomb looks very appealing when it is so brilliant.

If there is no filter required, what is the piece of material seen during the clean up process that folds out of the machine when the grinds are dropped from the bottom of the bin?

The unit does utilize a food grade nylon membrane to keep the grinds from falling through the bottom plate. It does look like a filter but the purpose is just to hold the grinds versus actually filtering the coffee. The filtering takes place within the grind bed itself.

What is the return on investment (ROI) for the Brew Bomb?

This artisan brewer can deliver an impressive ROI. Most of our customers earn a 300% plus value add when comparing the retail value of the roast coffee put in the brewer to the Cold Brew which comes out of the brewer.

Is it possible to brew small volume batches? Can smaller cylinders be used?

One tool that makes the Brew Bomb brewer a very useful tool is the ability to put smaller cylinders down inside the main cylinder. This allows for brewing very small amounts of cold brew, starting with 5 lbs of coffee and increasing incrementally simply by placing different sized cylinders down inside the primary cylinder. This feature offers great flexibility for brewing big batches of standard cold brew or boutique ultra exotic origins in smaller batches.

What are the electricity needs of the Brew Bomb?

Power is a standard 110v outlet with 15 amps. The brewer runs on a 24V system thus a power supply similar to a computer is used.

What are the dimensions of the Brew Bomb machines?

  • The X-45 brewer is very close to 30″ x 30″
  • The X-60 Brewer is 36″ x 37″

Is there a way to sample cold brew from Brew Bomb?

While we do not have a showroom for trial runs, we are always happy to ensure all your questions and concerns are answered prior to purchasing your Brew Bomb. Also, many of our customers are willing to share their experience so you can learn about their hands-on work with the brewer. So please contact us for more information!

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Where are the machines made?

Bangkok, Thailand