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Cold Brew Toolkit
National coffee association

This is a quick reference guide to Cold Brew Coffee.. Lightly touches on most of the topics of interest.

A Oregon State University Study about Cold Chain Cold Brew

This study specifically addresses the survival of Non-spore forming food-borne pathogens in Cold Brew Coffee if distributed in a Cold Chain.

What is a Cold Chain?

A Wikipedia article defining what a cold chain is.

An Investigation of the Shelf Life of Cold Brew Coffee

This is an in-depth Masters Thesis prepared at the Graduate School of Clemson University. Extremely detailed and indepth.

What is a Retort machine and How does it work

This is written by a Retort manufacturer. While the article is selling equipment the content is thorough.

A Comprehensive Article by Roast Magazine

A great summary of the issues which will give you the questions to ask and point you in the right direction to find the answers.

"The Brew Bomb has allowed us to produce an excellent Cold Brew product with a shorter brew time. The added variables that we can adjust to dial in each batch helps us better meet our stringent quality requirements. In our experience there is a large scale gap in cold brew equipment. The Brew Bomb enabled us to ramp up production without building out a cold brew facility with capacity far beyond our current needs"

Coava Coffee

"The Brew Bomb really Allows us to dial in each coffee like we want to and that is one of the things that makes us really excited about it."

Klatch Coffee

the ace brewer

A Cutting edge solution for brewing at the shop level.