How Brew Bomb’s new alert system delivers tastier cold brew across multiple locations

Scale Through Technology, not wages with the ACE Brewer

Scale with technology, not wages – Learn more about the ACE Brewer here

Written by Tim Egan and Ray Burger – Brew Bomb


will soon incorporate Smart Alerts to deliver consistently crafted cold brew across multiple locations.

smart alerts

originate from key data points taken from each brew cycle.  The data points are analyzed for compliance and if the measurement is outside a preset standard, a Smart Alert is triggered.  The Smart Alert, provides real time cause and remedy solutions that a key QC person can quickly and easily implement all from the web based platform. 

The Brewing Platform also now incorporates a powerful reporting function where key data points for each brew are summarized in an easy to use Dashboard  The user can review everything from overall brewing operations or drill down to the data points for a location, specific brewer or brew profile.

With the Ace Brewer and Smart Brew Platform the vision for infinitely scaling Boutique Coffee Products across multiple locations is now within reach.

ALL improvements coming to a brewer near you!

Alert System – Launching In time for the Holiday Season

  • Proactive alert systems that track brewing anomalies in order to correct potential quality issues in the brewing process.
  • Systems analyze brewing data and trigger proactive alert communication. 
  • Provides real time cause and remedy solutions to get brewing on track.
  • Alert Reports provide historical data and tracking
  • Customize notification process by User Type.

Dashboard Improvements – Available today

  • 30 day Key Performances Data at your fingertips.
  • Detailed results by ACE Brewer, location and Brew Profile.
  • Average Yields, Total Ready To Drink Yield metric provide snapshot of your cold brew production.