New Research Reveals the Secret Sauce: How to use Targeted TDS Brewing to Optimize your Cold Brew Coffee Extraction

Written by Ray Buerger – Brew Bomb

Crafting Specialty Cold Brew Coffee can often feel overwhelming.   So many variables, too much time and wildly inconsistent results.   Fortunately, the recently released results of an extensive research program and advances in Cold Brew Technology can provide the guidance for the brewing variables including, dose, yield, grind size and targeted TDS to craft cold brew so extraordinary your customers are sure to return.


…the critical relationship between TDS and cup experience. The research, “Brew temperature, at fixed brew strength and extraction, has little impact on the sensory profile of drip brew coffee” explores the effect of water temperature, concentration, as measured by TDS, and the extraction percentage on the sensory quality of the extracted coffee.

The conclusion of the research finds a strong correlation between undesirable characteristics such as bitter and astringency with TDS as well as a valid correlation with the coveted cup qualities of sweetness, floral and fruitiness. While this study is directed at hot coffee extracted through the pour over method, the sophisticated Brew Bomb brewing system extracts with a similar methodology thus the research conclusions are relevant to Cold Brewing with the Ace Brewer.

Brew Bomb's ACE Brewer

the advanced technology...

…that can deliver on precise Cold Brewing is a 21st Century Kyoto Brewer from Brew Bomb Cold Brew Equipment.     The brewer precisely manages Kyoto extraction through a web connected brew profile which controls dose, yield, flow rate and time.   Pairing this unique control with the conclusions and guidance found in the research demystifies and simplifies the brewing process down to a few  ratios and targeted TDS concentrations.

the magic of the ace brewer...

…revolves around a Brew Profile that manages the relationship between the brewing variables. 

The foundation of the system is based on extraction to a recipe specific concentration, as measured by TDS.   This is broken down further to a simple ratio between the coffee weight and the yield.  In basic terms it is expressed as: X- part coffee, Y parts water, to a target concentration.  The grind is adjusted to achieve the target concentration.   This concentrate is then further diluted to a target, ready to drink concentration, again as measured by TDS.  The dilution process is fully integrated into the brewing system.  

Different coffee origins can be flavor optimized with different recipes which are always defined by X-part coffee, Y- parts water to a specific TDS.    This extraction methodology has been the cornerstone of the Brew Bomb system since 2017. 

calling all coffee geeks!

The web portal and operating system provide an intuitive platform for anyone to explore precise cold-water brewing. Following your passion is now simplified with exact control and recallable brew profiles, all of which are easily accessed via the Brew Bomb web portal.

it gets easier with push and brew

One of the primary goals of the Brew Bomb Ace Brewer is to make specialty crafted cold brew so simple that anyone can brew it. As such, the Ace Brewer is equipped with pre-loaded Brew Profiles that utilize Brew Bomb’s extensive research and thousands of brews to bring you “Push Button” Crafted Cold Brew.

are you interested...

…in learning more about how you manipulate the brewing variables of dose, yield, concentration, grind size and time to craft world class cold brew? We are always available to discuss our research, systems and methods so feel free to reach out.